Why You Should Hire a Manny


Having children is a huge decision for families all around the world, especially for the mothers. Going through 9 months of pregnancy can be stressful for both parents. But the real stressful period is after the child is born. From month zero to roughly 7-9 years of age, the child requires constant attention. And for mothers who are employed or choose to pursue their dreams, raising a child can be as difficult as a mission to Mars.

This is where a Manny comes into play. Parents usually ignore the idea of hiring a manny for their kids. Most common reason for not to hire a manny may include additional expenses, the effect of being raised by a manny on the child, or security concerns. But of the benefits of babysitting services can outweigh the concerns. And these benefits can be for both, the child and the parent.

Benefits for the child

Children crave for attention. Manny London told us they will cause all sorts of trouble to get attention, from painting on walls, breaking items or even pinching a younger sibling. With a hired manny, the kids will receive constant attention at all times when you’re not there.

In a daycare center, the kids a vulnerable to many diseases, but having a private manny, can reduce the risk of your child being sick every now and then. And since your child is not going out of the house, he/she will be more than happy to sleep in his own bed, eat his favourite food, and play with his own toys.

If you wish to teach your child a specific language, you could hire a manny that is fluent in the desired language. In this way, your child will be looked after as well be learning a new language.

The manny will take care of your child’s day schedule by planning out the day according to everyone’s availability. This will give your child an organized and fun filled day essential for learning and growth but obviously approved by you first.

Benefits for the Parent

For newborns that sleep all day and are awake all night, you could hire a night manny to look after your child while you complete your beauty sleep. Or if you’re lucky enough and your newborn sleeps through the night and is awake for most of the day, you could hire a day manny who will look after the mini version of yourself while you focus on the more important things, like Game of Thrones episode you missed last night.

Having a live in nanny will allow you to have freedom in your daily schedule. You can go to the Yoga class at 1 pm and have nothing to worry about, not even picking up your child from the daycare at 2 pm. “What are the kids going to eat for lunch,” you ask? You can leave that to the manny as well. By hiring a manny, you can finally focus on that new book you are writing or catch up with old friends.

If you happen to strike a good deal, you could have your manny look after your house essentials as well. You will be reminded when the toilet paper is out, when the child’s diapers are low or you may even find your kitchen clean while the kids sleep. Depends on your negotiating skills.

Hire a manny now!

These are a few important advantages you will get from a hired manny out of dozens upon dozens of other benefits, which outweigh the disadvantages. When you hire a manny, your child can get all the attention he/she wants and you can have all the freedom you want. And for today’s world, it is essential to hire a manny.

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