Why Link Building Is Important For SEO

Why Link Building Is Important For SEO


Link building forms a vital part of search engine optimisation (SEO) in that the popularity of a website to search engines depends on the number of incoming links. Search engines utilise links to crawl the internet; paying attention to links between individual pages of a website and between different sites. After crawling, search engines extract the content of the pages and rank them in their indexes. The entire process enables search engines to determine if a page is of adequate quality to be ranked well for appropriate keywords. While identifying, search engines not only look at the content of the site but also at the quality of external sites pointing to the site.

How Search Engines Interpret Links

An inbound link or backlink is akin to a vote for a website. If a site contains useful content, other locations in the particular subject matter will automatically quote the site and even link to the site giving credit to its valuable content. So, if you are the individual doing link building, your website will get very many votes. The websites may additionally include your link in their several other resource sections provided they feel your info is worthwhile to their clients. Such engines perceive such a gesture as positive behaviour; the fact a relevant website links you implies there is valuable info in your site.

Link Building Requires Dedication

Links, just like referrals, do not come effortlessly. It is for this reason that search engines use the link factor; other websites will only backlink to you if what you offer is valuable and helpful to the persons they refer to you. So, for you to genuinely earn backlinks from reputable websites in your subject area, one approach is to provide useful content to your target audience. Always provide content that will compel other prominent players in your niche to refer their users to your website. Note, however, that regardless of how valuable, important and helpful your content is, if other websites, don’t link back to it, search engines will never acknowledge your websites as sufficiently relevant; consequently, your site may fail to rank favourably in search engine results.

Spend Time

Getting back links requires time and a lot of efforts. You should start strategising on how to do link building immediately you create your website and work on it over the life of your website. While starting, play an active role to get the links. The fact you are an expert in a given field or have what according to you is great content does not automatically lead to many, high-quality links. Create specific links that will influence your search engine optimisation. Make sure the links precisely and clearly notify search engines about what your website is all about.

Link Building; Factors To Consider 

Anchor text; among the things search engines consider when ranking a website is the exact text a linking website uses when pointing to your site. So, research thoroughly to establish the keyword phrases relevant to your field. Once you know the anchor text most users search for in when looking for the services you offer, all you have to do is incorporate in your link building endeavours, and your website will rank highly for the keyword phrase.

The page the link points at; most often, when people link to your site, they point to your home page. Your other pages may, therefore, fail to achieve the same high rankings as your home page. So, deliberately decide the page your anchor text points at so as to improve the rankings of your other pages.

• Other Benefits of Link Building

• In addition to increasing your chance ranking well in search engines, other advantages worth striving for include;

• Building relationships: Link building enables you to reach out to other websites. Doing so gives you an avenue to earn one more link and even promote a product you recently introduced.

• Referral traffic: Links can also refer traffic to your website. If the same comes from a relevant site, there is a possibility of converting the traffic to customers leading to high sales.

• Brand Building; content creation can show important persons your expertise, and probably eventually help you build your brand.


Link building plays a crucial role in improving your Search Engine Optimisation, thus helping your site rank highly in search engines. Adopt a broad approach that includes improving the outlook of your website, using the right anchor text and creating content that adds value to your users. Finally, take your time to earn honest backlinks from other credible sites, and you’ll be surprised by the outcome. If you need more link building help, check out this guide by SearchUp. In the guide they have listed the link building techniques that work and how to get them.

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