The Different Types of Fur Gilets

fox fur gilet

The Gilet was invented as a response to people wanting something extra to wear to keep their body warm, without the need for putting on a coat. It is a sleeveless jacket that is worn on chillier days, and its name is pronounced either Jee-Lay or Gee-Lay.

Its design is based on a decorative jacket that was worn as a piece of winter clothing in France during the 19th century, something that was worn for style reasons rather than warmth. The Gilet is a sleeveless jacket that has gone through significant changes regarding its practical use, although the actual original design hasn’t changed much. It can still be described as a smooth fitting jacket that is snug over the body at the end of the day.

Types of Fur Gilets

Some Gilet’s take the form of quilted leather jackets and are often known as a Quilted Gilet. Such jackets are often made up of intricate padding work similar to the quilts that are used in the home to keep the chill away during winter nights. They have pockets that are visible to the eye that is filled with down to trap the air in so that they act as a form of insulation.

This arrangement works really efficiently as the jacket will keep the cold air away from the body, and then warm the body with the air that is trapped within the down. A quilted leather jacket is, therefore, the perfect piece for a woman if she is going to be out in the cold weather for a prolonged period.

Another stylish cold weather protector for women is the Aviator Gilet – as their distinct design and form make the best body protectors during the cold winter months. Similarly to the gilet, they will make a real style statement if you add one to your winter wardrobe.

aviator gilet

Women’s aviator Gilet come in many different shapes and designs, so you should be able to find one that suits. For example, the shearling jackets that are lined with fur are equipped to tackle even the harshest winter, and although the women’s aviator jackets are based on the design of the men’s, they are very elegant and stylish pieces to own. Aviator jackets for women make great fashionable yet practical additions to their winter wardrobe – and would make a great present too.

Fox Fur Gilets are one of the most popular type of fur and is sold world wide. It is soft durable and light weight. From Mink Gilet breeding, a lot of more advanced and exciting colours shades have been developed. Longhaired mink with guard hairs as well as dense underfur is one of them and has velvety and plush texture.

Aviator Jackets and Gilets should be considered to be essential winter clothing items for women, and they come in many different materials such as leather and nylon. Originally designed for Air Force pilots, the Aviator Jacket has become a fashion trend due to its unique design and capacity to withstand even extreme cold. With the evolution of the flying jacket, designers have even started to manufacture them specifically for women, and so offer a huge range of styles and shapes.

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